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SNICKERS CAKE Online Master Class

SNICKERS CAKE Online Master Class

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In this class you will discover the closely-guarded recipe of the legendary Snickers Cake that's fully plant-based and raw!

You will learn to craft a Snickers Cake that tastes 100% like the traditional favorite, without any additives or chemicals.

You will dive into the world of guilt-free indulgence, learn to create stunning plant-based truffles and caramelized peanuts, that will be used to decorate the cake, but also are desserts on its own.


This Class is great for everyone who, just like me, loves sweets and needs a healthy, but delicious alternative to a dessert. All you need is a food processor and a high speed blender.

I dont cook - with my step-by-step guidance, you can easily prepare a cake that will please and surprise not only you, but your entire family, and friends.

Home baker - at the master class you will improve your culinary skills, learn how to decorate desserts and learn the secret of making a LEGENDARY SNICKERS CAKE 

PRO- master a new recipe, enjoy the process of cooking, decorating and taste of a dessert.

YOU will receive a student handbook about fundamentals of raw desserts.

The hand book covers:

Soaking and sprouting chart 
Flavor balancing 
Essential Equipment 
Superfood glossary 
Recipe FAQs 
Summery and bonus recipes
Snickers Cake recipe
Full process instructions

It took me over 6 years and thousands of dollars to accumulate the knowledge and become raw pastry chef! 

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from me!  

Cant wait to see you in the class!

Please provide your email address and phone number for the hand book and link to be send out.

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